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Mark Hayes and Andy Maher play 72 holes non-stop at Curlewis

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72 holes in one day .... One very long day in the office says Hayes

Mark Hayes, radio and TV star Andy Maher and Maher's brother-in-law Andy Coldrey took on the challenge of walking four rounds for a great cause yesterday at Curlewis.

From 5.40 am until 8.30 pm last night, the trio traipsed the fairways of Curlewis for the Cancer Council of Victoria's (CCV) The Longest Day 2017 fundraiser.

The CCV needs $200,000 to fund vital research at Monash University to investigate immunotherapy for more effective skin cancer treatment. The project will explore whether a patient’s immune response can be enhanced, and thus help stop malignant tumours growing and spreading.

Maher and Coldrey have gone the journey previously, but for Hayes, it was a first.

"I've played 36 enough times, but 72 was a whole new level of punishment" Hayes said.

"Luckily I was able to complete the journey because of a few Powerades, a magnificent Curlewis steak sandwich, a locally made Routley's meat pie and not forgetting a life-sustaining chocolate thick shake at lunch in the bistro.

"I was relieved that neither the defibrillator, medicart, 000, nor Dr David Walder needed to be called during my epic journey.

But on a serious note, Hayes said the the purpose of the day was to raise much need money and awareness of skins cancer and encourages everyone to donate to this essential research.

"It's hard at this time of the year to spare a penny or two, but everyone at Curlewis knows someone who has been touched by cancer. It'd be nice to make a difference in someone's fight." 

"I encourage you all to chip in, as we never know who may next be touched by this horrendous disease".


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