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Etiquette (The Curlewis way)

Curlewis Etiquette

At Curlewis we see the word “etiquette” as out dated and instead we simply encourage you to ask yourself if you are a considerate or inconsiderate golfer.

Curlewis is progressive, contemporary and hip, we don’t bang on about things that wouldn’t have happened “In my day”; we simply ask that you are considerate of other golfers.

So Curlewis has abolished an official etiquette policy and instead replaced it with a quick quiz.

Hitting up on the group in front is?

  1. Inconsiderate
  2. Just plain silly
  3. Fraught with danger if the group in front look tough
  4. All of the above

Marking your card before hitting off, delaying the group behind is?

  1. Inconsiderate
  2. Okay, because you don’t care about anyone else
  3. Revenge for them hitting up on you four holes ago

Not repairing divots, therefore relying on considerate golfers to repair yours is?

  1. Inconsiderate
  2. Acceptable, as you are a selfish person
  3. Perfectly okay, as you’ve filled other golfer’s divots before

Distracting the player making a shot by standing too close, talking loudly, performing karaoke or standing behind the pin is?

  1. Inconsiderate
  2. Good form, as they are a better golfer than you
  3. Fair justice for them putting you off during your last shot for the PGA Open

Not positioning your buggy on the path leading to the next hole, delaying the following group as you go from your buggy to the green, then back to your buggy and then wheel it back across the green is?

  1. Inconsiderate
  2. Great entertainment during a stressful game of golf
  3. Something to aim at
  4. Perfectly okay, as they should come and look for your $5 ball
  5. Unsure, can I call a friend?
Searching for a lost ball, without calling the following group through is?
  1. Inconsiderate
  2. Perfectly okay, as they should come and look for your $5 ball
  3. Unsure, can I call a friend?

Then hitting up on that group after you find that pesky lost balls is?

  1. Inconsiderate
  2. Justifiable, as they should have help look for your $5 ball
  3. Okay, because you didn’t mean to

A golfer would leave the bunker without raking it, or not returning the rake to the centre of the bunker because they are?

  1. Inconsiderate
  2. Allergic to sand
  3. They expect someone to do it?

Inconsiderate golfers - (Please circle as many as you like)

  • Drop or throw the flagstick recklessly causing damage to the green
  • Stand on the cup and damage the surface, because it will be fixed before they play again
  • Don’t replace the pin, because they don’t care about anyone else
  • Hold a stop work meeting on the green for a chat after finishing that hole
  • Don’t fill up the occasional divot left unrepaired by others

Bonus point:

A great golfer is C O N S _ D E R A T E

If you are struggling to figure out the answer, “I” can make a huge difference to everyone else’s enjoyment of playing Curlewis.


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