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Accredited PGA Teaching Professionals

At Curlewis, golf tuition is all about you

At Curlewis golf tuition is not about our PGA Professionals trying to impress you with long-winded stories about how good they were, nor about their past coaching successes.

Steve Brodie and Tybin Lawson, our resident PGA Teaching Professionals at Curlewis, can help you on any level. Whether you want to learn how to play, improve your game or sympathetically help you reignite the spark that smouldered some time ago, due to frustration.

Both Steve and Tybin are highly regarded among the wider golfing community as a top PGA Certified Teaching Professionals due to their personalised and tailored approach that continues to achieve great results for their clients.

In fact, at Curlewis we even offer a money back guarantee on tuition. If we can't improve you after five lessons within three months, we will refund your money in full.


Certified PGA Teaching Professional

Steve Brodie - Certified PGA Teaching Professional

Steve began his PGA Professional career in 1989 and played the PGA Tour across the Asia Pacific until 1996. While touring, Steve discovered that amateur golfers throughout the world regularly asked touring professionals for advice on how they could improve their swing and game.

As Steve toured, his passion for helping others grew, to the point when in late 1996 he decided to follow his heart and transitioned to being a full time PGA Teaching Professional.

Since becoming a Certified PGA Teaching Professional Steve has held various senior coaching positions including Director of Coaching at Albert Park Golf Academy and Teaching Professional at Yarra Bend prior to joining Curlewis in 2014.

As a PGA Teaching Professional, Steve is focussed on tailoring a program specifically for you and the way you want to play your game. Steve's lessons will see you on the range, short course or fairways applying what you are learning.

Steve is also qualified and very experienced club fitter and a craftsman with club repairs. Steve's philosophy on recommending clubs for you is quite simple; "The right club is the one that works for you best, despite the brand name''.

Steve is a full-time employee of the Curlewis Golf Club and available for lessons and club fittings 5-days-a-week. Steve makes club fitting recommendations based wholly on his professional opinion and years of experience and proudly receives no kickbacks nor commissions from the sale of golf hardware.


Certified PGA Teaching Professional

Tybin Lawson - Certified PGA Teaching Professional

Tybin is a Certified PGA Professional who completed his PGA Traineeship at the Barwon Heads Golf Club, graduating with the highest marks nationally in two subject areas:

  • Coaching
  • Game Development

Tybin is Level 2 Trackman Certified. His ability to utilise this knowledge of launch monitor technology during lessons to improve his clients golf swings, has resulted in several other PGA Professionals requesting his services.

He has provided educational sessions on:

  • Understanding and interpreting Trackman/FlightScope Data.
  • Utilising technology to advance your students golf games.

Tybin currently has beginner golfer clients all the way through to fellow professionals and is comfortable coaching players of all ages and abilities.

He is passionate about junior golf and growing the game, his results coaching young players has given him a reputation as a leading junior golf coach.


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PS. Don't forget we offer a money back guarantee on our five lesson package!



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